TennQDRO, Divorce Assistance, Murfreesboro, TN


Getting started is easy.

You don’t need to wait until the divorce is final to start the QDRO process. Often, we can complete the QDRO in time to simultaneously file it with the MDA and/or Final Decree. The sooner we receive your client’s TennQDRO Order Form the better chance we have of attaining this.

1. Download TennQDRO Order Form here.
2. Fill it out to your best knowledge (the more thoroughly it's filled in, the faster the QDRO will proceed!) 
3. Email the form here, or fax it to: (615) 413-5056
4. You’ll receive a confirmation email and invoice.

Then, relax with the confidence of knowing your client’s QDRO will be professionally prepared.

NOTE: By completing and signing the TennQDRO Order Form [link], attorneys agree to hire TennQDRO to prepare the DRO and to mail a check for required amount. We begin preparing the QDRO immediately, but will halt the process if payment is not received.