TennQDRO, Divorce Assistance, Murfreesboro, TN


QDRO Services. Done right.

After 20 years experience in financial services Frank Midgley started preparing QDRO’s in 2006 as Business Manager of a Retirement Wealth Management firm. During his tenure he designed a systematic methodology to track the QDRO every step of the way and mastered the language of retirement plan regulations as well as built relationships with numerous Plan Administrators for Tennessee employees.

By early 2009 Frank discovered just how valuable his reliable get-it-done-right service was to divorce attorneys and launched TennQDRO, quickly expanding from Rutherford County to Davidson and Williamson, and eventually statewide.

Frank S. Midgley, III
Owner, Tennessee QDRO

Frank earned his Bachelors degree in Finance from Oklahoma State University in 1989.
He is also a Certified Business and Technology Educator.